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Elements of a Robust Health and Safety Management System

1. Leadership, Culture and Due Diligence
2. Planning, Review and Evaluate
3. Hazard, Risk and Emergency Management
4. Information, Training and Supervision
5. Incident Reporting and Investigation
6. Worker Participation and Consultation and Critical Risk Areas

Critical Risk Areas to Manage

1. Vehicles and Driving

Being hit by, being run over by, carbon monoxide fumes, hitting an object, hitting another vehicle (Traffic Management is
NOT included here)

2. Hazardous Substances/ Medication

Drugs, Alcohol, Chemicals

3. Equipment and Stored Energy

Accessible moving/rotating parts, pressurised fluid/hydraulics, hot or cold metal, fixed plant, portable plant, hand tools, electricity, LPG gas, pressurised system (steam or liquid)

4. Slips Trips and Falls

Uneven surface, loss of balance, slippery surfaces, physical capability/disability

5. Security and Violence

People in a highly emotional state, people with a medical incapacity, people under the influence of a substance

6. Biological and Infectious Disease

Blood and other body fluids, virus/disease, food handling, eating

7. Psychosocial

Includes privacy breach and shift work, toxic relationships, bullying, work procedures

8. Ergonomics and People Handling

Posture, repetitive movement, inappropriate force, heavy lifting, arrangement of fixtures and fittings, physical working arrangements

9. Environment and Occupational Hygiene

Isolated work, dust, fumes, UV /sun/radiation/animals/insects/spiders, water, extreme weather, noise/vibration, extreme  temperature/humidity, pressure/vacuum, confined space, working at heights/raised or falling objects

10. Fire and Explosion

Ignition source, chemical, liquid or gas, vapour or particles, flammable materials

11. Buildings, Traffic Management and Furniture

Obstructed exits, access ramp, stairs, building and fixtures, driveways and paths, workshops/workrooms, outdoor furniture, garden/landscape feature, pond/swimming pool

12. Business Continuity and Natural Disasters

Lockdown, evacuation (partial or total), disruption (supply cut), reputation/Quality Care, Earthquake, Tsunami, flood etc