Adaptive Health and Safety Limited adds value to New Zealand businesses by helping them reach their goals in relation to international and national safety standards. We have experience in a range of industries with a special interest in the agriculture sector.

We help businesses build on their own knowledge and provide updates and recommendations based on our regular networking with trusted safety, health
and wellbeing specialists and colleagues outside our area of expertise. The depth of our involvement in your health and safety management depends upon the complexity of your organisation and the level of comfort people within your organisation have in dealing with their responsibilities.

There is a need for everyone to understand the risks involved in their activities and how they can prevent harm to anyone as a result of them. Part of this is putting a system in place so your management of the risks can be repeated and improved without having to reinvent the wheel!

Bronwyn Campbell

Managing Director and Coach

My passion is keeping people healthy and productive. My area of work is facilitating and coaching people to integrate health and safety systems into other areas of business management. Owner/operators, employers, company directors, managers and industry and volunteer associations who work with me will understand how to prevent injury and illness, and learn strategies to keep their team healthy and productive. If you are unsure where to start or how to continue with your injury prevention work then contact me for a no-obligation chat about possible options for you.

My business experience started in 2007 with purchasing a 50% share in a sheep and crop farming operation and in July 2018 I started Adaptive Health and Safety Ltd. My injury prevention journey started at a sawmill that met Tertiary ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) Standard and later in my role in Workplace Injury Prevention at ACC helping employers understand their role in injury prevention at work. While at ACC I was privileged to be able to audit 55 businesses to the ACC WSMP Standard (discontinued in 2017).  However the International Standards for Quality ISO 9001:2015, Safety ISO 45001:2018, and Environment ISO 14001:2015 are what guide my work now.

I have seen good practice across many different industries and am excited to share this experience with businesses large and small using my own knowledge along with my trusted network of safety, health and well-being specialists and colleagues.  I am always learning and improving my life and work and to keep my standard of work high am a member of the NZ Institute of Safety Management and a Grad Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety is almost within my grasp, only one more paper to go! Most things I like to do outside of work, is in the company of family and friends especially activities that improve knowledge around health, food and fitness.


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